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Nauset Engineering is your source for explosion and fire mitigation products. We offer top-line explosion and fire mitigation equipment from a variety of manufacturers, and our experienced team will assist you in selecting the best solution to fit your needs at the lowest cost. In addition to protecting the safety of your employees and facility, you can assure your facility meets regulatory compliance requirements in your industrial dust collection systems.

Our Explosion and Fire Mitigation

Our explosion & fire mitigation products can be designed to provide proactive and reactive combustible dust solutions. Our experienced team can guide you in selecting equipment engineered and built to provide you with confidence, so you can count on your system for safe, dependable performance.

Combustible dust equipment accessories designed to meet NFPA requirements fall into two primary categories – proactive and reactive. Proactive accessories are designed to prevent a deflagration event or reduce the chance of one occurring. Reactive devices are engineered to contain a deflagration event, or minimize the damage it can inflict upon people, equipment, and other property.

If combustible dust in a confined area is ignited, it will burn very rapidly and possibly explode. An initial explosion in an area where dust has accumulated may dislodge more accumulated dust or damage a containment system, leading to one or more secondary explosions. These secondary explosions can be far more destructive due to the increased quantity and concentration of combustible dust.

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Proactive Devices

OSHA describes the conditions under which a combustible dust explosion can occur as the Dust Fire and Explosion Pentagon. Elements required for a combustible dust explosion include:

  • Combustible dust
  • Ignition source
  • Oxygen in air
  • Dispersion of dust particles in sufficient quantity and concentration
  • Confinement of the dust

If one of the elements of the explosion pentagon is missing, a catastrophic explosion or fire will be prevented. Proactive devices are all about preventing deflagration by taking one or more of these elements out of the equation. Nauset Engineering offers spark detection and extinguishing systems, and spark baffles as proactive accessories that can be incorporated into a system.

Reactive Solutions

For a highly affective and affordable reactive solution, Nauset Engineering offers the CMAXX combined with proprietary IDA (In-Line Deflagration Arrester) DeltaMAXX filters.  Using the CMAXX with IDA DeltaMAXX filters eliminates the need for expensive after filters, while providing an efficient and proven solution for isolating a deflagration and stopping a flame front.

Nauset Engineering has extensive experience building Fire & Explosion Mitigation Products for a wide range of applications and offers a complete line of explosion and fire mitigation accessories. 

Today’s NFPA regulatory guidelines governing Fire & Explosion Protection installations are more specific and well defined than ever before. Boss Products has developed and brought to market the EcoMAXX® and EcoMAXX®/VigilEX® family of SAFETY SMART solutions to work as individual components or as a seamless plantwide solution to meet this need.

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