We are a Leading Industrial Fan Supplier

As the largest industrial fan supplier in New England, Nauset Engineering & Equipment Inc. has considerable experience with applications of industrial exhaust fans and blowers for both end-users and OEM’s alike. At the heart of all ventilation systems, industrial ventilation blowers and fans are essential for all processes that require air flow. Our expertise and application experience with industrial blowers and fans is central to the success of our complete air handling packages. 

What We Offer:

We offer our customers turnkey systems and the benefits of:

  • Quality equipment, expert installation, and complete service
  • Industrial fans and air handling products from the leading manufacturers
  • Cast aluminum and steel industrial fan products
  • Fiberglass and PVC industrial fans for corrosive environments
  • Industrial ventilation fans to meet the needs of a broad range of applications

Our application experience with industrial fan applications includes meeting the needs of a wide variety of clients. 

OEM Blowers and Fans

At Nauset Engineering, we supply the following types of industrial OEM blowers and fans:

Industrial Blowers are used for a variety of airflow, pressure, and temperature requirements.

Industrial Centrifugal Fans are used for applications that require high volumes of air and pressure.

Industrial Axial Fans are installed in duct applications such as paint spray booths.

High Pressure Industrial Air Blowers are used in a variety of housing configurations, construction materials, and inlet sizes.

Plastic Fans used for demanding applications in corrosive environments

With or without housing, Plug Fans are used by oven and HVAC OEM’s and end users

Regenerative Blowers are used for low volume and high-pressure applications.

Plenum Fans are used extensively in OEM Air Handling applications.

Industrial Wall Fans are commonly used for industrial ventilation applications

High Temperature Fans are used for optimal performance in high-temperature conditions up to 1000 degrees F.

Our Team is Ready to Help

Contact us or call 508-339-2662 to discuss industrial exhaust fans and blowers. As New England’s largest industrial fan supplier, we take pride in providing high-quality products from leading manufacturers. Our dedicated team is ready to help you find what you need.


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