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Nauset Engineering distributes the broadest range of fume extractor arms that will enable you to attain optimal solutions for your particular needs. We propose a wide range of extraction arms with tubes made of various materials and are available in numerous lengths and can be used on extension booms if extra reach is needed or mounted on rails for virtually unlimited reach.

About Fume Extraction Arms

We’re the industry experts in laboratory environments. All of our manufacturer’s laboratory fume extraction arms feature considerable positional stability and user-friendly aluminum designs. Also, among the benefits are the external joints that ensure a clean interior with low-pressure drops.

Fume extractor arms capture and remove laboratory gases, welding fumes, sanding dust, and other particulates to protect workers, students, and visitors from inhaling contaminated air. They attach to a fume extractor on one end and a nozzle on the other end.

Welding fume extraction arms are the top-of-the-range arms when it comes to high airflows and extraction of fume and dust with higher temperatures than normal. The extraction arms are specially designed for working environments with very heavy smoke, vapors, and non-explosive dust.

Typical workplaces are the metal fabrication industry or another type of industry where the need for extraction with large airflows is needed. The applications can be welding, laser or hand plasma cutting, metal spraying, grinding where lots of spatter is generated, or other industrial processes where a perfectly balanced and easily positioned arm is required.

Fume extraction arms

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