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Industrial dust created by processes in your work environment can create health and safety issues for workers as well as problems with the operation and maintenance of your equipment. Industrial dust collectors remove industrial pollutants from contaminated workplace air, and when permissible, return clean air back into the environment resulting in both operational and energy savings.

Benefits of industrial dust collectors include:

Here are the benefits of an industrial dust collector:

Nauset Engineering offers the most technologically advanced systems and solutions from leading manufacturers of filtration technology.

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Types of Dust Collectors

At Nauset Engineering, we carry the following types of dust collectors: 

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors provide effective solutions for managing a variety of common manufacturing processes – such as grinding, welding, buffing, sanding, smelting, bulk powder handling and more. They are available in both horizontal and vertical cartridge configurations. Other advantages are a small footprint saving valuable manufacturing floor space and are also field expandable to add additional modules and increase capacity at any time.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse dust collectors provide an effective solution to managing high air volume, heavy dust loading and high temperatures encountered in applications such as:


  • Food Processing
  • Grain
  • Cement and Asphalt
  • Woodworking
  • Chemical
  • Metal processing

For many applications, baghouse dust collectors provide the most efficient and cost effective dust collection solution.

Downdraft Tables

Downdraft tables accommodate a wide variety of industrial applications that generate particulate including sanding, deburring, grinding, welding, polishing, and more.


  • Benches come in numerous sizes and can be customer built for your requirements
  • Self-contained benches come with cartridge filtration and features and automatic pulse cleaning system
  • Dry and Wet Benches available for numerous industrial dusts

Downdraft tables feature vented backs and adjustable side panels. They are fully self-contained with no need for duct work.

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone dust collectors are designed to remove medium to large particulate from the air stream. There high-efficiency performance is accomplished by means of the unit’s long tapered cone, high-velocity inlet and welded helix. Dirty air enters the unit at a high speed and is then forced to the outer walls of the upper cone. This centrifugal force pushes the large or heavier particles down the narrow part of the cone and into a collection drum or hopper. Cleaned air runs back up through the center of the unit and is discharged back to atmosphere or to a secondary filtration device to collect the fine dust. Cyclone dust collectors are often used in:

  • Woodshops
  • Machine shops
  • Powder processing plants
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Industry

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