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At Nauset Engineering, our team provides Smog-Hog® industrial mist collection systems, including central system, ceiling mount and portable Smog-Hog mist collectors, as well as installation services. Our team can help you choose the best solution for your needs. When not properly collected, mist from machining oil and coolant in industrial environments can result in hazardous conditions in your workplace, such as slippery floors, creating extra maintenance work for employees. Industrial mist can accumulate on machines and work surfaces, resulting in poor working conditions and potential problems with equipment performance.

Installation of a Variety of Industrial Mist Collector Systems

Nauset Engineering can help you avoid these issues with the installation of Smog-Hog® industrial mist collection systems. The types of Smog-Hog® mist collectors available include:

  • Central System Smog-Hog® Electrostatic Precipitators – employed to control hazardous emissions that create a threat to the environment and your business.
  • Ceiling-Mount Smog-Hog® Mist Collectors – can be ducted from your ceiling, saving you valuable factory floor space.
  • Machine Mount Smog-Hog® SHN Series Mist Collectors– capture oil smoke and mist particles from drilling, grinding and a variety of other industrial processes.
  • Portable Smog-Hog® PCN Mist Collectors – ideal for areas where large hoods are not permissible, smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently or in instances that require work to be performed at varying locations.

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