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Industrial blowers can greatly vary in terms of size and speed. The noise generated by blowers often exceeds levels that are considered safe and in compliance with regulations. Blower exhaust silencers (often called blower mufflers) provide an effective solution to managing the noise issues associated with industrial blowers. Nauset Engineering has top-line blower silencers available from trusted manufacturers.

Finding the Right Blower Exhaust Silencer

To be effective, blower exhaust silencers must be properly matched to the blower and able to work in concert with the entire process or system. When selecting blower exhaust silencers, it is important to implement:

  • A silencer that is compatible with the blower size
  • A silencer that meets the application requirements

Through industry expertise and years of experience, Nauset Engineering is able to evaluate your specific needs and provide the best blower silencer to meet them. The Nauset Engineering team is ready to serve you with a complete line of reliable silencer equipment, as well as installation services.

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