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Nauset Engineering offers CAMCORP pneumatic conveying systems. The Nauset team has implemented pneumatic and pressure conveying systems for a wide variety of products in many different industries. Our pneumatic conveying systems are conventional dilute phases, utilizing either a pressure or vacuum conveying system that achieve the highest standards of quality and durability. Depending on the required rate, run, and material characteristics, we will develop a pneumatic conveying system that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Vacuum and Pressure Conveying Systems

Nauset Engineering develops vacuum conveying and pressure conveying systems for pneumatically conveying bulk material in industrial processes:

  • Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying Systems – one of the most common conveying methods for powders or granules
  • Dilute Phase Vacuum Conveying Systems – ideal for gently conveying fragile or abrasive materials
Fume extraction arms

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The Nauset Engineering team provides complete systems engineering to meet the specific pneumatic conveying application requirements. Our team also provides installation services, full support, and field service. Contact us or call 508-339-2662 today to discuss your pneumatic conveyor needs. Or, view more of our industrial vacuum systems.

Find other industrial vacuum systems we carry:

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